Warranty & Repair Management

SmartServ is DXP’s integrated service solution. It provides a more efficient way to manage the entire life cycle of your equipment.

  • Warranted and repairable items tracking
  • Sourcing for Repairs and Warranted items
  • Identification of common failures and recommendations for remedies
  • Have the parts needed for the job at hand
  • Hard Cost Savings Guarantee – Repair and Warranties vs. New
  • MTBF / Evaluation / Reporting
  • Repair services for Rotating, Electrical, Metal Working, Bearing & Power Transmission, & Safety Equipment

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) 

An effective Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) meets most of any organization’s operational needs. In today’s ever-increasing competitive marketplace, a well-designed CMMS could very well be the difference that gives a company an edge over its competition. The Chase CMMS is designed to unify the processes that track the inventory costs and the costs associated with the management of plant or facility equipment. Users that traditionally work in their discrete organizational units will now have access to consistent data and processes across the entire organization. Information regarding routine processes is transferred to the people so that informed and timely management decisions with respect to their asset management program can be made. The Chase CMMS enables all of your employees to participate in the asset management process.

Chase Software has several modules that interact to tie the information found in the purchasing process, inventory management and the work order/PM program back to a specific equipment record. When all of the costs involved in these different processes are linked to a specific piece of equipment, then sound business decisions may be made about the repair of the equipment. These costs may make the decision to replace a specific equipment asset easier since the true cost of that asset has been established.

Integrated into the Work Order and Inventory process is a Warranty Tracking process that will allow the identification of the potential for a warranty replacement of used inventory items. Also included in the Work Order programming is a daily scheduling process that can assist in the assignment of maintenance personnel. There are reports imbedded in Chase that will show management the current status of their budgets and the costs associated with their budgets. These reports will total the items issued to work orders from the storeroom and any receipts made on spot buy requisitions during any selected date range.