smartvmi vendor managed inventory

Let the experts manage your inventory. DXP’s SmartVMI program is designed not just to save you money, but it is proven to make you money. Our unique VMI approach has a demonstrated track record of improving financial performance for our customers. We strive to help businesses eliminate roadblocks and streamline their processes at each level of supply chain management.

Speed Up Processes, Increase Productivity

No matter how large your supply room, DXP experts create a supply chain solution tailored just for you. We are dedicated to creating technical solutions for our customers’ needs.

  • Avoid running out of critical products
  • Reduce waste of frequently used products
  • Improve processes, boost productivity
  • Better reporting and tracking of products
  • Save money — MAKE money
  • Save time managing inventory

Solve Problems, Find Solutions

Your workplace and the obstacles you face with your operations are unique. Let DXP tailor a Vendor Managed Inventory Solution just for you. Let us help you turn your problem into a custom program as seen in this scenario:


You have realized your inventory management has become too hard for you to manage. You are consistently running out of crucial parts that keep your shop up and running, and you realize that you have hundreds if not thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory sitting around, but you still never have what you need.


DXP understands that you need to focus on your core business, improving processes and increasing revenues for your company. Worrying about how many parts you have in inventory takes time away from your core competency. We are the partner you need. DXP will tailor a Vendor Managed Inventory program to your specific needs.

VMI supply chain system vendor managed inventory

How DXP Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Programs Work

DXP’s customized VMI solutions deliver serious supply chain optimization, minimizing stress and maximizing profits through our advanced software, equipment, and a team of experts. No matter how complex your organization is, we have the knowledge and tools to help you make the right decisions and improve your bottom line.

1. Site Assessment

  • A site assessment is performed to determine your needs.
  • You are given a project timeline outlining the scope of work and schedule.
  • Implementation team works in batches and keeps your inventory organized for a smooth transition.

2. Product Management

  • Complete crib overhaul & identification scheme established for locations and product.
  • Product is easy to find and simple to manage.
  • Labels include pictures and bar codes – easy to locate, restock, and issue.
  • Inventory is delivered just-in-time and waste and overstock is eliminated.

3. Inventory Management

  • Items are reviewed daily by your account manager. 
  • Minimum and xaximum quantities are established based on usage. 
  • Ordering, finding substitutions, rushing orders, maintaining database. 
  • BIN stat report to manage slow & dead inventory.

4. Delivery

  • Managed inventory is delivered according to schedule.
  • Items are received and put away.

5. Technical Sales Force

  • Application-based recommendations.
  • Continuous technical training.
  • Focused on the best customer solution.

6. Transactional Cost Savings

  • Reduced number of transactions.
  • Ordering process streamlined.
  • Monitor min/max stocking quantities for each item in a bin location.
  • Consolidated invoices.

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