Save Energy & Costs with IsoBoost

IsoBoost is a hydraulic system that recovers pressure energy, reduces power consumption and increases the reliability of pumping systems.

By replacing a pump and motor system with the simple and efficient IsoBoost, plants can expect millions of dollars in energy savings and a big drop in maintenance over the life of a plant.

With IsoBoost, plants save up to 50% of electric power costs.

The core of IsoBoost is a proprietary liquid-to-liquid turbocharger. With three times the reliability of a traditional pump, the turbocharger recovers energy from the letdown of a high-pressure fluid and transfers it to a low-pressure fluid to reduce the energy required for pumping.

– Save with Sour Gas Removal

– Target CO2 Removal

– Reduce Grid Reliance

IsoBoost Benefits

  • Save energy – Reduce plant operation costs
  • Improve reliability, availability, maintainability
  • Lower carbon footprint and emissions to comply with regulations
  • Explore new options in plant design
  • Mitigate risk of electricity price fluctuations

IsoBoost Features

  • 10 year mean time to failure (MTTF) three times the 2.9 year MTTF of a typical high pressure pump
  • Up to 80% efficiency
  • Always at best efficiency point (BEP) within operating range
  • Only one moving part
  • No shafts exiting the casing
  • No Shaft seals, no seal leaks possible
  • No seal support systems
  • No alignment required
  • Bearings self-lubricated by process fluid
  • No external oil lubrication systems
  • Rotating assembly speed unconstrained and self-regulating
  • Very low vibration

Plants can save up to 50% of total electric power consumption for the acid gas removal circuit.


Learn more by downloading the IsoBoost flyer here.

View a Case Study here.