Completely integrated turnkey solution: software, setup, training, service, support – DXP manages inventory in real time. Getting the product you need, when you need it, while cutting costs has never been easier! DXP has partnered with one of the industry’s most respected manufacturers of automated inventory control systems, AutoCrib, to bring you the most innovative vending and dispensing solutions on the market.

  • Innovative software that leads the industry with demand-based ordering
  • Innovative technology – for faster vends, to vend just about anything
  • Machine quality you can see
  • More cost-effective options – at start up and over the machine’s life
  • World-class training and support (as cited by our customers)
  • Plant tested and proven effective in over 5,000 installations!
  • Constant innovation to solve problems no one else can


DXP offers the broadest product selection in the industry, supplying customers with up to 90 percent of their MROP requirements from a single supplier. DXP goes to the source of the product, eliminating third parties, leveraging its buying power and passing the savings onto YOU.

AutoCrib’s automated controls systems allow you to reduce spending, boost productivity, and increase accountability by:

  • Reducing item usage – eliminates hoarding and shrinkage
  • Eliminating stock outs – reduced stock outs, freight cost and customer service implications
  • Reducing purchasing and receiving costs
  • Reducing overall transaction fees
  • Lowering inventory investment, increase turns, reduce obsolete inventory and reduces carrying costs
  • Tracking reduction and inventory issuance
  • Reducing walk around time
  • Reclaiming floor space
  • Turning data into information you can use
  • Increasing usage of reconditioned tooling

Take our quick ROI test and find out if one of AutoCrib’s automated inventory control systems is for you, or call one of our field experts to schedule a Value Management Study to find out which AutoCrib best suits your operation.