Mechanical Seals & Packing

Mechanical seals and packing are used to contain fluids within a rotating mechanical device along the shaft that is penetrating it.  Mechanical seals use a combination of precisely engineered seal faces, one rotating and one stationary, that are lapped flat within one light band, such that the fluids cannot pass across the faces and also o-rings or gaskets that serve as secondary seals to positively prevent the fluid from leaking to atmosphere.  Packing can be multiple rings of braided fibrous material or die formed rings of grafoil that wrap around the shaft and then get compressed with a gland thus containing the fluid inside a rotating mechanical device.  DXP represents multiple world-class manufacturers of mechanical seals and packing.  Single and double seals, balanced and unbalanced, dry running, split seals, component or cartridge designs for pumps, compressors and tank agitators.