The Ultimate Procurement & Supply Chain Management Solution

Procurement management makes it easier for businesses to maintain relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors at each point in the procurement process. When you partner with DXP, we deliver industry-leading procurement and supply chain management services to improve your bottom line.

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Eliminate Urgency in The Supply Chain

At DXP, our Supply Chain Services team’s singular focus is increased customer productivity and cost savings.

Our on-site resources act as an extension of your plant team to help manage the strategic sourcing of highly transactional procurement activity, allowing your resources more time to focus on higher-impact responsibilities.

  • Sourcing & Expediting
  • Cost Savings Opportunities
  • OEM Equipment Parts Commercialization
  • Supplier Settlement
  • Standardization & Consolidation
  • Parts Catalog/Data Governance

Procurement Management Scope of Activities

  • Maintain backorders, open orders, and execute emergency rush orders
  • Drive stock replenishment process, working with customer for final approval
  • Lead spot buy requests and research competitive pricing
  • Analyze purchasing patterns/production needs and suggest controls (min/max)
  • Assist customer on any AP topics associated with plant deliveries
  • Maintain and create system data and assist in creating Bill of Materials
  • Drive local efforts on cost savings initiatives and standardization approvals
  • Play active role in the kitting process
  • Arrange spare parts availability for scheduled maintenance shutdowns
  • Attend production and maintenance meetings providing updates on needed parts

The DXP Advantage

DXP is structured on a foundation of Tier 1 relationships with parts manufacturers, allowing for competitive pricing, inventory positioning, and direct technical support. 

As both distributor and integrator, DXP’s model eliminates the secondary tiers in the supply chain. 

DXP Model

Pure Integrator Model

DXP on-site procurement management allows plant personnel to focus on
higher impact responsibilities

Discover DXP’s Procurement Management Solutions

DXP uses the latest technology to achieve high visibility, flexibility, and simple integration into existing systems and workflows. Discover how DXP’s SmartSolutions can simplify your supply chain.

MRO Commodity Agreements

Improve the efficiency of the procurement functions by eliminating inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and redundancies.

  • Proactive & Planned Buying
  • Scheduled & Consolidated Replenishment
  • Centralized Customer Service Team

Web MRO Procurement Management

Maintain transparency and consistency of inventory data, purchase orders, shipping, payment, and invoicing information.

  • Interactive Power BI Reports
  • Customized Item Catalogs
  • Request For Quote (RFQ) Process

Computerized Maintenance Management System

Leverage one simple web-based solution for: supply chain processes.

  • MRO Inventory Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Work Order Management

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