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How to Conduct a Supply Chain Audit: Step-by-Step Checklist

Did you know that 79% of organizations with high-performing supply chains achieve revenue growth significantly above their industry average? One reason for this is conducting regular supply chain audits —… Read more »

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What is Lube Oil Blending?

Lube oil blending is a complex process that involves combining base oils and additives to create lubricants with specific properties and performance characteristics. This process is very important for producing… Read more »

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How Does a Natural Gas Flow Meter Work?

Natural gas flow meters measure the amount of gas flowing through a pipeline. The working principle involves detecting the gas flow and converting this information into readable data, often via… Read more »

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Direct vs. Indirect Procurement – Process & Examples

No matter the business size, having a steady and well-thought-out supply of production materials is crucial for success. If material procurement isn’t planned properly, it can lead to expensive production… Read more »