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Green Industrial Supply Guide

As you consider industrial and supply chain product choices that meet environmental needs, it’s important to take into account USDA and FDA accepted materials and authorized distributors that work within… Read more »

Specially Trained Safety Teams for Critical Operations

When it’s your job to plan for every safety contingency in your operations, look to DXP Safety Services for emergency responses, pre-staging of crews/equipment and safety training. The most vital… Read more »

The Harmful Effects of High Temperatures

High temperatures are one of the things that industrial and manufacturing companies have to consider when it comes to employee safety. For example, cases of heat stroke and dehydration may increase if… Read more »

Air Trailers: The Center of a Safety Services Operation

In an emergency situation, it is vitally important for workers to be able to breathe easily at all times. Working in a dangerous situation requires full concentration, which means workers… Read more »