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5 Tips to Prevent Rotating Equipment Problems from Happening

Your essential rotating machinery (like motors, generators, and centrifugal pumps) need routine maintenance to operate at peak performance. As you know if you’ve already experienced a serious mechanical failure, a… Read more »

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3 Tips for Upgrading an Operation’s Safety Culture

Workplace safety has many components. Employees need the right equipment, machinery needs regular maintenance, and practices need occasional reviews to ensure that latent risks are not left unaddressed. Safety is… Read more »

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DXP Awarded Hormel Foods 2018 Spirit of Excellence Award

DXP has been awarded a 2018 Spirit of Excellence Award by Hormel Foods for our efforts as one of their top-performing suppliers of the year. Qualifications to meet the award… Read more »

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Why Condition Monitoring is Important for Your Rotating Machinery

In a typical industrial operation, the efficiency and longevity of industrial rotating equipment is often a significant driver of plant costs. When a centrifuge or generator goes down, it can… Read more »

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How a VMI Program Gets Started

For a business that is used to managing its own inventory, switching to a vendor managed inventory (VMI) system may be an intimidating idea. Inventory is essential to most business… Read more »

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