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Prevent Summertime Heat Injuries with Proper Safety Training

Hot weather can be a serious workplace hazard if appropriate safety precautions are not taken. For employers and safety managers, preventing heat illness and injury can be more complicated than… Read more »

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5 Advantages of Vendor-Managed Inventory Systems for Suppliers

Managing inventory at the enterprise level is a continuous battle. Demand projections and fluctuating costs make the task incredibly difficult, but strategic integrations between vendors and customers can reduce friction…. Read more »

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The Importance of Preparing an Industrial Operation for a Major Natural Disaster

Industrial plants are as vulnerable (if not more) as other places to the damaging effects of a major disaster. An event like a hurricane, tornado or wildfire can pose a… Read more »

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Using Vibration Analysis of Rotating Equipment to Diagnose Common Problems

Data-driven analytical systems are transforming the way rotating equipment, like industrial centrifugal pumps or air compressors, is monitored and maintained. Highly tuned temperature and vibration sensors placed at strategic points… Read more »

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DXP Takes Part in Annual MS Bike Ride

On Saturday morning, April 27, DXP volunteered with MS-150 and hosted a rest stop at one of our facilities along the route. The BP MS-150 Houston Tour is a two-day… Read more »

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