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DXP Service Technicians Come Through

Recently one of our customers, Chemical Specialties out of Freeport, TX, decided to replace two of their LaBour DZT-10 pumps with brand new ones. These pumps were over 50 years… Read more »

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DXP and Distillers team up to provide hand sanitizer for community

Several DXP locations have been able to team up with local distilleries, who have converted to making hand sanitizer to accommodate customer demand for the product. Taylor LaPree, of DXP’s… Read more »

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5 Cost Reduction Strategies in Inventory Management

Proper inventory management can make or break your business. When this important aspect is overlooked, things can quickly spin out of control. Consider these inventory cost reduction strategies to help… Read more »

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Kevin Davis Comes Through for Pump Customer

How DXPeople Perform Kevin Davis, a Houston area sales professional, happened to overhear how a potential customer had a need for a barrel pump. Kevin quickly identified that our PumpWorks… Read more »

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Getting the Most from a Sweet Pump

DXPeople are proud to serve customers who do dirty work. Solving challenges with grit and grime is a familiar job for us, whether the customer needs to dewater a mine… Read more »

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