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The Ideal Computerized Maintenance Management System

DXP has the flexibility to work with customer IT to develop the most efficient supply chain processes and ability to create appropriate interfaces. Typically, DXP will develop a paperless order-to-pay process with reporting to be electronically generated and delivered via email.

As an option, customers may utilize DXP’s proprietary Chase CMMS as a front-end management system for automated electronic material requisitions. Chase is a web-based platform so customers are able to access it anywhere with an internet connection.

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  • Electronic requisition process
  • Approval hierarchy
  • G/L, Cost Center tracking
  • Complete audit trails
  • Web-based reporting

As a CMMS, Chase also has modules for work orders, PM’s and asset/equipment management.


  • Electronic requisition process with approval hierarchy
  • CMMS capabilities allowing for:
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Work orders
    • Asset/equipment management
  • Tooling calibration and reshape management
  • kitting / staging
  • Tracking for warranties / repairs / tool room
  • Comprehensive maintenance operator training
  • On- demand customer access to reporting
  • Web -based platform
  • Server management and database backup
  • Intuitive and easy to learn
Chase Dick Screen

Proprietary Perks

DXP’s proprietary inventory, procurement, and CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) package can be utilized as the front-end management system.

DXP offers Chase CMMS capabilities to our customer’s maintenance departments facilitating a single point for PM, work-order, and asset/equipment management.  This will link stores and maintenance into a single system driving efficiencies and increased parts availability and management.  

  • CMMS capabilities allowing for PM, work-order, and asset/equipment management
  • Transfer of legacy customer data (if exportable to Excel)
  • Customer ownership of the data within Chase
  • Web-based platform (accessed through existing customer hardware)
  • Electronic requisition process with approval hierarchy (auto PO generation)
  • Web-based reporting for customer driven on-demand access
  • G/L cost center info tracking with complete audit trails
  • DXP-Chase server management and database backup

Reporting Capabilities

Each module and screen has specific reports available that apply to that screen including 250+ standard reports, audit trails, and specific data for individual records. The reports are exportable to MicroSoft and other third-party software. Reporting in Chase uses Crystal Report Writer.


  • Inventory
    Management of MRO storeroom materials
  • Purchasing
    Robust capabilities for procurement
  • Equipment
    Maintains equipment related information
  • Work Order / Work Queue / Dispatch
    Primary work order management tool
  • Preventive Maintenance
    Automated plant-wide PM program
  • Vendor
    Vender, contractor, and manufacturer info
  • System Administration
    Central point of setup & administration
  • Safety
Chase Screen

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