Transform Your MRO Management with
Procurement Analytics

While businesses today realize the need to transition from traditional or manual methods of managing MRO systems, data masters, and spend analytics, the road map is often unclear. The market is full of spend management companies, aggregators, integrators, consultants, and software packages that contain portions of the solution. But rarely do any provide practical product knowledge needed to fulfill the MRO digitization mission.

DXP is the only procurement analytics solutions company that can pair technical product knowledge with data master creation/enhancement along with the management systems and spend analytics to drive real value for your MRO Supply Chain.

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MRO Management Systems

Efficient and successful MRO supply chain management starts with data. How your data is analyzed, interpreted, and managed determines this level of success.

Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS)

  • Vending and VMI Automation
  • Stockroom Management and Automation
  • E-Procurement Catalogs with Stock Visibility and Requisition Automation
  • Condition Monitoring/Predictive Maintenance


Analytics and BI in procurement provide a detailed outlook on customer, supplier, and vendor demands. Users can quickly identify different requirements and predict supply chain changes, resulting in minimized errors, waste elimination, and improved business performance across the board.

  • BI Dashboards
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Spend/Supplier Analytics
  • Stockroom Performance Metrics
  • Cost Savings and CI Projects

Digitization Services

MRO digitalization helps companies stay in control of their data by creating a continuous stream of procurement analytics flowing through various levels of the supply chain.

  • MRO Data Creation and Enhancement
  • On-Site Implementation Teams
  • Sheet to Shelf Validation

Integration Services

None of your supply chain analytics will be of value without successful integration. MRO systems integration effectively aligns existing processes with optimal best practices.

  • On-Site or Remote Sourcing/Procurement Management
  • On-Site Stockroom and Warehouse Management

Key Implementation Activities

DXP makes effective decision-making possible with comprehensive procurement analytics and data enhancement capabilities across all levels of the supply chain.

  • Data enhancement for 100% of active stock items
  • Storeroom organization/commodity segregation
  • Capture of satellite inventories into system
  • Stocking level analysis measured against usage
  • Critical spare identification and monitoring
  • Parts duplication elimination
  • Obsolete inventory identification assistance
  • Dead inventory removal assistance
  • Complete barcoding
  • Security for disbursement of inventory
  • Defined order-to-pay process mapped
  • SOP’s documented and flowcharts created
  • Complete supply chain mapping
  • Establishment of measurable KPIs
  • Progress tracking and weekly meeting updates
  • Complete physical inventory

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