DXP participates in all levels of the refining value and supply chain downstream. DXP has a vast understanding of the applications involved in crude oil processing into refined fuels. DXP specializes in the pumping (API), metering, monitoring, rotating equipment, bearing and power transmission needs in the refining process industries. DXP also provides MROP (maintenance, repair, operating and production) while keeping employees safe. Our unique ability to integrate a broad range of products and capabilities  and increase productivity is our competitive advantage. Refining industries require a safety first promise through training and education.

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Engineering Technical Support (Pumps, Drives, Motor, Conveying, Bearing and PT)
Design and Fabrication
Supply Chain Services
Industrial vending

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Our pump specialists can help you decide which pump or combination of pumps will best meet your specific needs. PumpWorks Industrial, teamed with PumpWorks610 and a vast distribution network of DXP Enterprises, the highly experienced staff stands ready to provide the very best quality, price and delivery-meeting your exact specification needs, each and every time.

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