Oil and Gas Refining

DXP has grown alongside the Texas oil and gas industry. Today we are a leading provider of service, support, and equipment to refineries throughout North America. Adding value to the refining supply chain is the heart of our business.

DXP brings together complete product knowledge with extensive engineering and process design expertise, providing customers with a single point of contact for industrial solutions.

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Moving Crude is Our Specialty

DXP has developed an extensive line of pumping, metering, and monitoring products to meet the refining industry’s most urgent need: getting the crude to where it needs to be, safely, cleanly, and efficiently. We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps purpose-built to handle highly corrosive, combustible fluids.

The Service Refineries Need

DXP has built its reputation by providing customers with on-time, exceptional service.

Complete safety services

DXP shares the refining industry’s commitment to the highest standards of safety. We provide customers in the refinery business with comprehensive safety services tailored to the industry’s unique hazards.

  • Ongoing training and education grounded in the latest best practices.
  • Consulting, including complete plant reviews and policy recommendations.
  • Safety award programs.
  • Complete personal protective equipment (PPE) supply and service.
  • Emergency fire response.
  • Outsourced safety supervision.

Engineering Technical Support

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Supply Chain Services

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