industrial vending solutions

Industrial Vending Made Smarter!

Our SmartVend products offer turnkey solutions including hardware, software, setup, training, service and support from a team of DXP Experts. Getting the products you need … when you need them … while controlling costs has never been easier!

  • Dispense expendable items such as PPE, MRO, cutting tools, spare parts and much more
  • Manage and control durable items through a robust check-out/check-in system
  • Gain 100% accountability and control over your items to reduce/eliminate “shrinkage”
  • Reduce waiting & walk time, giving your employees more up-time at their workstations
  • Provide robust reporting allowing you to turn data into information for better decision-making
  • Reduce / eliminate stockouts through intelligent ordering, quick restocking and setting Critical Level Alerts
  • Implement positive control over your valuable gauges, to include gauge management and tracking calibration status
  • Implement automated reordering of items when predetermined levels are reached

DXP understands that every customer is unique, so our SmartVend products offer a broad range of solutions that can meet the specific requirements of your business.

  • Dispense rectangular boxes & items from 2” to 60”
  • Reconfigure bins & sizes on the fly as business needs change
  • Assure 100% accountability of items to prevent mysterious “shrinkage”
  • Recharge critical items such as 2-way radios, battery-operated hand tools, flashlights and laptops
  • Video recording of item vending & tool cribs using secure motion-sensing technology
  • Biometric access controls – facial recognition, etc.
  • Safe storage of chemicals with controlled access in a special, flammable items vending cabinet
  • Barcode scanning for product issue and return
  • Weight-based scales for high volume vending of items such as gloves, batteries, etc.
  • Set item consumption limits
  • Fragile item dispensing and control
  • MSDS electronic access
  • 100% utilization of vending space – from hundreds up to thousands of SKUs
  • Organize and automate your entire tool room
  • RFID-tagged item issuance and control
  • Multiple language capability
  • Point of use on-demand ordering with runner and delivery system

Download the SmartVend Flyer to learn more about our industrial vending solution.