DXP participates in all levels of the chemical process value and supply chain. We have serviced the chemical process industry for many years and understand the changing composition of chemicals or materials and the equipment involved.  We specialize in the pumping (ANSI), metering, monitoring, rotating equipment and bearings and power transmission needs to provide for your chemical process needs. DXP also provides MROP (maintenance, repair, operating and production) industrial supplies, while keeping employees safe. Our unique ability to integrate a broad range of products and capabilities and increase productivity is our competitive advantage.

Chemical process industries requires a safety first promise through training and education.

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Engineering Assistance Rotating Equipment (Pumping, Rotating Equipment, Bearing and PT)
Turnaround Services (Safety, Industrial Supplies)
Supply Chain Services
• Industrial Vending

Trusted Partners



PumpWorks manufactures a wide variety of centrifugal process pumps exceeding ANSI B73.1 and other standards for the chemical and petrochemical, pulp and paper, food and beverage, oil and gas, mining, power generation, waste treatment, and general industrial industries. Teamed with PumpWorks610 and a vast distribution network of DXP Enterprises, the highly experienced staff stands ready to provide the very best quality, price and delivery—meeting your exact specification needs, each and every time.

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Travaini is a premier liquid-ring vacuum pump manufacturer.  Travaini manufactures liquid-ring vacuum pumps and packages to ISO 9001 standards.  Mario Travaini leads the company his father founded in design, development, and manufacturing.  For 80 years, the Travaini family name carries with it the commitment of design excellence, long-term reliability, superior performance, and service done right the first time.

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Unozawa Gumi Iron Works

Should your application require a dry vacuum pump, Unozawa can supply a simple reliable design of multistage dry vacuum pump. Continuous producing vacuum pumps since 1899, Unozawa was the first to develop a multistage lobed blower dry vacuum pump. These pumps have been reliability operating at leading chemical companies since 1983. The Unozawa can selectively condense/recover solvents from chemical process allowing for them to be reused uncontaminated by the vacuum pump.

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