Our training programs at DXP go far beyond the basics. We cover technical fundamentals, product-specific expertise, operational overviews, and troubleshooting tips, from beginner to expert level, and further to specialized topics suited to particular industries or applications.

Service and Repair: Learn how to troubleshoot, assess, repair or rebuild your rotating equipment.

Product Training: Learn the features, benefits, installation and operation of any equipment or system.

Technical Fundamentals: Need to understand pump basics, hydraulics or configuration? We’ll show you how to size properly, design the system and choose the right pump for any application.

Pump Operation: Learn how to operate pumps, how to change speed, or even change parts in the pump, and what to expect in terms of pump performance.

Pump Dynamics: Every system has a system curve. The pump within your system has a pump curve. We’ll explain how that all works, including advanced concepts like net positive suction head, gravitation, basic hydraulics, and pump affinity laws, to expand your knowledge base.

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