Yes, we have Confined Space Rescue Teams.

Confined Space Rescue

In a confined space, when hazards such as oxygen deficiencies, toxic gases, and explosive atmospheres are present, it is a necessity to have highly trained and specialized onsite rescue teams for immediate response.  DXP’s confined space rescue teams are trained in compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146 and undergo annual recertification and simulated rescue scenarios. Additional services include:

  • Contract Safety Specialist
  • Pre-job walkthroughs
  • Rescue plan development
  • On-site standby

Confined Space Attendant

Confined spaces present a multitude of dangerous realities such as chemical, atmospheric, and psychological hazards that can endanger personnel and affect operations. DXP’s confined space attendants are trained and equipped to manage such hazards, ensuring the safety of workers before, during, and after the confined space entry.

Rental Equipment

DXP can provide a full range of ancillary rental equipment, including:

  • SCBA & SAR
  • Breathing Air Equipment
  • Gas Detection Equipment
  • Portable Shower and Eyewash

Industries Served

These services are applicable to:

Power Generation
Pulp & Paper

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