DXP participates in all levels of the power value and supply chain. DXP services the full range of power producers from fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) to renewable sources such as solar, wind, wave and hydroelectric. DXP Enterprise specializes in the pumping, metering, monitoring, rotating equipment, bearing and power transmission needs in the power industries. DXP also provides MROP (maintenance, repair, operating and production) while keeping employees safe. Our unique ability to integrate a broad range of products and capabilities  and increase productivity is our competitive advantage. Power industries require a safety first promise through training and education.

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Engineering Technical Support (Pumps, Drives, Motor, Conveying, Bearing and PT)
Design and Fabrication
Supply Chain Services
Industrial Vending

Trusted Partners

PumpWorks Industrial

PumpWorks Industrial manufacturers a wide variety of centrifugal process pumps exceeding ANSI B73.1 and other standards for the Chemical and Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, Mining, Power Generation, Waste Treatment and General Industrial industries. Teamed with PumpWorks610 and a vast distribution network of DXP Enterprises, the highly experienced staff stands ready to provide the very best quality, price and delivery-meeting your exact specification needs, each and every time.

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Rexnord Energy Industry Solutions

Power plant operators, equipment manufacturers and consulting engineers trust Rexnord for their power transmission needs, from gathering to power generation. Rexnord can recommend proven solutions designed to keep your operation producing, whether you’re in the natural gas, petroleum, oil sands or power plant industries.

Engineered to withstand challenging environments, Rexnord products are used on blowers, bulk material handling equipment, cooling towers, compressors, fans, pumps, and more.

Condenser-Exhausters – Also known as vacuum pumps, are a critical part of power generation process. Regardless of the source of heat, electrical generating power plants use large vacuum pumps in two different parts of their operation, both the initial ‘hogging’ down the entire system and to increase the efficiency of the condenser (operating under vacuum).

Premier Pump

As a former licensed manufacturer for Nash, Premier Pumps can supply exact performance and dimensional equals to the CL series and SC series liquid-ring vacuum pumps.

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