As the energy generation and transmission industry undergoes rapid transformation, DXP has stayed at the forefront of technical innovation. We partner with customers to supply equipment and services tailored to optimizing the power value chain.

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DXP’s Customers Span the Power Industry

  • Fossil Fuel Generation. Today’s oil, gas, and coal-fired energy production facilities need advanced technical solutions like never before. Tight margins demand greater efficiency. Regulatory pressures are driving innovations in clean power. With deep roots serving the Texas oil and gas industry, DXP speaks the language of fossil fuels.
  • Wind, solar, wave, and hydroelectric operators need suppliers who are attuned to their industry’s distinctive engineering and financial challenges. DXP combines extensive product expertise with the engineering and process design skills the renewables industry requires to deliver on its promise.
  • As generation moves further away from urban centers, bringing power to market has become a distinctly complex business challenge. DXP supports its customers in the transmission industry with equipment, logistics, and engineering support.

Keeping the Lights On with World-Class Equipment and Service

DXP partners with the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial equipment to bring customers in the power industry the latest in reliable, efficient designs.

DXP bridges the gap between the equipment and its applications by providing the power industry with best-in-class technical services

DXP Shares the Power Industry’s Commitment to Safety

At DXP we share the power industry’s passion for continuously improving safety standards and performance. We provide customers with comprehensive safety services tailored to each site’s unique conditions. Training, consulting, emergency response, and a complete selection of safety supplies are just a few of the things DXP provides.

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