Transform Your Business with Integrated
Supply Chain Management

Over the years, DXP has provided clients with supply chain services backed by user-friendly software tools and streamlined enterprise processes.

As a result, we’re able to deliver cost savings to our clients through custom-tailored solutions implemented by an experienced team of supply chain consultants.

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Streamline Your Supply Chain Management

DXP’s primary mission is to help our customers rise above the competition. This is accomplished by increasing productivity, reducing indirect material costs, creating enterprise-wide inventory, improving order cycle time, and driving procurement visibility. We’ve spent years developing master plan templates and assessment tools to streamline operations while removing excess costs from supply chain management processes. Applications of this proven approach include:

Developing enterprise-wide inventory and procurement

Reducing pure costs of indirect materials

Trend identification and troubleshooting for plant operations

Data mining to optimize purchasing decisions

DXP Supply Chain Services has a strong foundation of procurement outsourcing, distribution and fulfillment systems, and the technology necessary to incorporate both seamlessly. Our multifaceted approach achieves maximum efficiencies and control across the entire supply channel. We’ve proven our expertise by translating these core competencies into the lowest-costing, highest-quality supply chain solution for our customers — DXP is the best in the industry.

DXP’s Consolidated Approach to MRO

Maintenance repair and operations (MRO) efficiency is the model approach for many suppliers. DXP Supply Chain Services helps customers achieve MRO efficiency in the following ways:

Efficient order-to-pay process

Corporate single point of contact

Designated local support

Supplier consolidation

Training & technical support

Consistent pricing across all plants

Product standardization

Improved performance tracking

Management reporting & insights

OEM commercialization

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