In-House Testing

Most pump sales and distribution providers don’t have their own testing facilities. Those that do are usually small, crude and severely limited in capacity.

At DXP, our in-house testing facilities in Texas and Louisiana follow national testing standards and are quite large, allowing us to test your pump—any make or model—before we install.

Can’t make the trip out to watch your pump test? No problem. We have remote capabilities to allow customers to participate in a test in real time using online video feeds.

So, if you need pump testing that’s faster, more comprehensive, more accessible and more competitive, just call us.


Our most advanced and capable test facility offers high horse power, high flowrate, and testing versatility to cover a wide range of pump applications.

  • 8,000 HP Variable Frequency Drive
  • 55,000 gpm Flow Measurement
  • 10,000 psi Pressure Measurement
  • Cooling Tower For Prolonged High HP Tests
  • 6 ft dia. x 42 ft Deep Vertical Test Pit
  • NPSH3 Testing With Vacuum Suppression
  • Anti-cavitation control valves


Commissioned in 2007 this facility is our longest running andmost configurable test facility.

  • 2,000 HP soft-start drive
  • 600 HP Variable Frequency Drive
  • 26,500 gpm Flow Measurement
  • 4,000 psi Pressure Measurement
  • Anti-Cavitation Control Valves
  • Horizontal And Vertical Test Bays
  • 35,000 gallon Supply Tank
  • NPSH3 Testing With Vacuum Suppression


Designed for speed and convenience, our Houston test facility was built to serve lower horsepower overhung pumps.

  • 800 HP, 200 HP, and 25 HP Variable Frequency Drives
  • 7,500 gpm Flow Measurement
  • 800 psi Pressure Measurement
  • Dual Test Pads For Multi-Pump Testing Under Specific Conditions
  • 16,000 gallon Supply Tank
  • NPSH3 Testing With Vacuum Suppression

PumpWorks offers testing services for a multitude of pumps types. From low power ANSI bare pumps to skid mounted, engine driven, API multistage pumps, all of our test labs are available for third party testing. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your pump testing needs.


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