Water conservation and sustainability are important focuses for the team at DXP. That’s why we are committed to delivering municipal wastewater services of the highest quality to our clients. In addition to a broad range of cutting-edge pump systems, we offer a variety of other products and services related to industrial wastewater treatment. Our crew of experts has successfully treated industrial wastewater in a diverse range of industries and locations. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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Local Focus, National Platform

We have the people, expertise, vision and desire to help. A national platform with local service, providing environmentally sound, cost-effective solutions to the water and wastewater industry. Assembling the most uniquely qualified team to meet the critical water infrastructure challenges of the next century. 

York Pump

Water Transfer & Pump Stations

There are many industrial applications in which water pumping stations can be beneficial. Our systems are built to quickly transport large volumes of water from one site to another while preserving industrial, commercial, and residential areas.

Sewage Lift Stations

Lift stations are widely used in municipal markets for handling sewage, slurry, and other types of process water. DXP has a large inventory of lift station pumps that can be specified to meet any application.

Chemical Feed & Transfer Stations

Adequate chemical preparation is essential in all municipal wastewater treatment processes. Reliable and accurate chemical feed and transfer equipment from DXP ensures predictable results and maximum yield from the chemicals being applied.

Sludge Cake Handling

Sludge cakes are a special byproduct that requires great care and special equipment for handling, transferring, and processing. DXP provides industrial clients with several highly effective, cost-efficient options for the disposal and management of this product.

Sludge Transfer Pumps

Sludge can accumulate abrasive matter such as grit, gravel, sand, hazardous chemicals, waste oils, and other troublesome materials. DXP offers durable sludge transfer pumps designed to handle all kinds of sludge.

RO and Desalination

Desalination applications based on reverse osmosis (RO) technology are used for all types of desalination systems and projects worldwide. RO equipment is specially designed and engineered to meet your unique project requirements and sustainability goals.

Storm Water

DXP offers waste water services for stormwater management. Our industrial pumps deliver reliable and efficient pumping solutions for various municipal applications.incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Sump Pumps

DXP’s general service sump pumps are built to handle all kinds of fluids and liquid waste consisting of small, non-fibrous solids. Their advanced design offers effortless, low-costing operations for various industrial processes.

Mixing Solutions

Our wastewater products and mixing solutions optimize the mixing process to minimize energy input and maximize flow—all while reducing operating expenses.

Blowers and Compressors

DXP understands the critical factors wastewater treatment operators must consider when choosing blowers and compressed air equipment. Our components are efficient, reliable, and easy to maintain.

Service and Repair

DXP’s highly skilled technicians are available around the clock to keep your industrial waste water equipment in prime condition. We’ll work with you to keep your industrial water pumps running at optimal efficiency to extend the life of your equipment.

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