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Why Web Procurement Solutions?

E-Commerce software helps companies digitize their processes, stay agile, and ultimately become data-driven powerhouses. A seamless web procurement solution is necessary to maintain transparency and consistency of inventory data, purchase orders, shipping, payment, and invoicing information.

DXP’s Customizable E-Commerce Solution, SmartBuy®, gives customers access to all their Rotating EquipmentBearing and Power TransmissionMetal WorkingSafety, and MRO Products. Your account, your product, your price. That was easy!

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E-Commerce Solution Features and Benefits

DXP E-Commerce Solutions Example

How can DXP’s E-Commerce solution simplify your supply chain? SmartBuy makes finding, buying, and ordering the goods and services you need fast and easy. Users can easily submit and access quotes online, place orders, review previous orders, and check shipping status. Additional features and benefits include:

  • Customized item catalogs
  • Ability to connect our catalog with your procurement system
  • Access to product pricing, budgets, and approval workflows
  • Interactive Power BI reports that allow you to filter and interact with your data
  • Access to critical business intelligence reports, customized reports, and dashboards on-demand
  • Request for Quote (RFQ) process to request a quote for items you cannot find in the online store or spot purchasing

Other eProcurement Solutions

Emerging technologies in supply chain management make it easier for businesses to maintain relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors at each point in the procurement process. Companies rely on eProcurement software to facilitate their research, shopping, and purchasing processes. Save time and increase transaction accuracy with DXP’s additional eProcurement solutions:

  • Connect our product catalog with your procurement system, such as Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer (formerly SciQuest), SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft PunchOut, etc.
  • PunchOut Catalog provides access to all our items directly from your procurement system, supporting cXML & OCI RoundTrip integrations.
  • EDI and XML B2B (Business to Business) integration allows users to exchange purchase orders, order acknowledgments, invoices, etc.

Introducing The DXP Mobile App

Bring all our inventory straight to the job site with the DXP mobile app! Now you have the freedom to find and buy the supplies you need, whenever and wherever you need them. In our user-friendly application, you’ll have the following capabilities:

  • Quickly search our entire product catalog
  • Easily place orders from your smartphone and other mobile devices
  • View real-time product availability at all DXP and customer-owned inventory (COI) locations
  • Track your purchases from placement to final delivery
  • Scan product barcodes with your phone camera for a faster search of our product inventory
  • Use the Quick Order Pad to scan and purchase multiple products

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