Safety Services


Breathing Air Trailers

DXP maintains a large fleet of air trailers that provide safe breathable air to workers in IDLH atmospheres. The nominal capacity of each trailer is 2,640 cubed feet of breathing air, meeting or exceeding CGA Grade D requirements and allows for up to a total of 27 hours of breathable air. DXP air trailers are mobile and are easily moved around the work site.

Respiratory Equipment

DXP maintains a large inventory of SCBA, SAR, and auxiliary equipment for short and long-term rental needs. All breathing air meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for CGA Grade D breathing air.

Gas Detection

DXP offers a full line of gas detection to monitor for toxic and noxious gases, as well as oxygen deficient and explosive atmospheres. With equipment ranging from personal and portable monitors to fixed systems with optional real-time satellite GPS and data-logging capabilities, DXP has the equipment to provide the protection your workers require.

Safety Showers

DXP emergency shower and eyewash services provide emergency treatment for workers that come into physical contact with hazardous or corrosive materials. With specifications that meet ANSI Standard Z358.1, DXP can ensure workers are protected in case of emergencies. Shower trailers are also available that meet the requirements for Class 1, Division 2 areas.

Cool Down Trailers

In areas of extreme ambient air temperatures, heat takes a toll on workers. DXP has constructed portable trailers with 36” evaporative cooling fans and an on-board 200 gallon water tank to provide workers with relief from the debilitating effects of high ambient temperature environments. DXP cooling units can be deployed utilizing a self-contained power supply with auxiliary fuel tank or can be connected to an existing on-site 120V power outlet.

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