What is A LACT Unit? | Definition, Components, Uses

What is the purpose of a LACT unit, and how does it work? A Lease Automatic Custody Transfer unit is a piece of equipment used in the oil and gas industry to sample and measure oil for transfer from one company to another. In this article, the experts at DXP will describe how a LACT unit works as well as its vital components.

What is a LACT Unit?

LACT units are responsible for transporting crude oil from the production site to pipelines and storage facilities. They also properly measure the amount of substance transported to deliver accurate results for all parties involved. The advanced technology employed in these systems guarantees precision and maximum efficiency.

‘Lease’ simply refers to the agreement between the two parties.

‘Automatic’ references the automated nature of the transaction.

‘Custody Transfer’ refers to the secure transportation of crude oil via a certified measurement process.

Benefits of LACT Units

Lease automatic custody transfer skids such as the ones fabricated by DXP provide companies with a technologically-advanced method of precisely measuring oil transportation. A fully integrated LACT skid offers many advantages for oil and gas professionals. A few of these benefits include:

  • Quick installation
  • Fewer work site interruptions
  • Reduced overall project cost
  • Shorter overall project delivery schedule
  • Increased quality control and better testing
  • Full compliance with industry standards
  • Single source accountability

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How Does a LACT Unit Work?

The exact way different types of LACT units operate will vary slightly, but the general operation is outlined below.

The unit is connected to an open feedline and stock tank. Next, as the crude oil level within the stock tank begins to rise, it will trip the level controller and turn on the LACT unit, starting the transaction. Once the crude oil level drops sufficiently within the stock tank, it will turn off the LACT unit, ending the transaction.

Government and industry standards must be met to address any and all safety, quality, and environmental concerns.

Standard LACT Unit Components

Each LACT skid requires a multitude of complex and highly fragile pieces of equipment to function. All parts must work together flawlessly for the system to operate at its highest capacity.

Standard LACT units typically require the following parts to function:

Control Panel – gives the operator complete control over the unit

Meter – measures the amount of fluids being pumped through and displaced

Charge Pump – supplies the system with the energy necessary to perform

Meter Prover Loop – serves as a second meter and verifies that no leakage occurs during the transfer

Air Eliminator – works upstream of the meter, removing any excess air and vapor from the fluid to achieve the most accurate meter readings

Suction and Discharge Piping – moves and directs material flow

Sealings and Valves – a complex system of valves and sealings help prevent leakage and regulate the system

Inlet Strainer – prevents foreign objects from entering the unit, causing damage or contamination

Optional Features

LACT skids for oil and gas derive their efficiency from a network of highly specialized components. These systems can be customized and built to meet your specific project requirements or budget. Optional parts and features include:

  • High-capacity air eliminator
  • Charge pump
  • Emergency Stop Device (ESD)
  • Sampling system
  • Control panel overhead canopy
  • Static mixer
  • Loading/unloading vapor recovery lines
  • BS&W monitor
  • Temperature instrumentation
  • Diverter valve
  • Skid drip pan & drain connection
  • Data printer

DXP is a Leading Manufacturer of LACT Units for Oil and Gas

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