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Measurement/Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) Units


DXP is your total solution provider of wellhead and midstream measurement, along with crude oil and produced water products, instrumentation and filtration products. For years, customers have trusted DXP products for custody transfer of crude oil and pumping of petroleum products into storage tanks, pipelines, railcars and barges. Our measurement and flow team is engaged to help deliver accurate results and maintain the products we sell.




Truck Loading LACT Unit

Operator controlled application with a pre-set volume to ensure the tanker truck or rail car is not over or under loaded. The operator will start the system when safely and properly connected and the system will shut down when the pre-set volume is reached.


Truck Unloading LACT Unit

In truck unloading applications, an operator controls the unit similar to the truck loading application. The operator will connect the hose to the LACT unit with all the proper hoses and safety devices and the pump is turned on. A major difference between loading and unloading is that in an unloading application the hoses will not have fluid in them. When the hose is hooked up, the air in the hoses will need to be released for proper measurement. A large air eliminator will need to be part of the system. This holding tank allows for the air to be vented off and just the process fluid to move through the systems.


Pipeline LACT Gathering Unit

Different types of LACT units will operate slightly differently; however the general operation is as follows. The LACT unit will be connected to open feedline and stock tank. As the crude oil level within the stock tank rises, it trips the level controller and turns on the LACT Unit, beginning the transaction. When the crude level drops sufficiently within the stock tank it will then turn the LACT Unit off again, ending the transaction.

Multi-Well LACT

Multi-Well LACT Units

This innovative concept allows us to measure multiply wells through one central LACT unit. This process keeps the data for each well secure and safe to meet all custody transfer per API guidelines. This System will reduce the cost per well site sufficiently.


Tankless LACT Unit

This Specialized concept take allocation and moves it to the separators and allows us to comingle the oil from 2-20 wells. It allow to reduce the amount of tanks on a well pad. Still meeting all custody transfer specs in API.

The two biggest advantages are the reduced cost to the well pad in less tanks and on tanks and lacts per site and the advantage of meeting new emission standards going forward (reducing emission up to 90%) and capturing more of the light ends to sell vs flaring or evaporating. Leaving you with less Cost and more profits.


From wellhead production to terminal products, DXP can meet your fabricated measurement needs. DXP, your business partner for LACT measurement, produced water skids, and large systems, with our capabilities to include skid fabrication, providing complete skid solutions from design consultation through start up and commissioning. Our expertise needed to deliver skid solutions that meet your needs. Our team provides technical sales consultation, service and inventory close to your operations. Combined with measurement and fabrication expertise, DXP offers flexible, timely plug-and-play solutions for any cold or warm weather application. DXP has designed many standard LACT measurement skid throughout the industry, so quick turnaround of units can be built from similar designs.

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