Getting the Most from a Sweet Pump

DXPeople are proud to serve customers who do dirty work. Solving challenges with grit and grime is a familiar job for us, whether the customer needs to dewater a mine or move heavy crude. But our expertise also matters to businesses that keep it clean, like the food industry.

Mark Moore, DXP’s North Texas Regional Sales VP, recently showed how a keen eye for quality can bridge industries and deliver superior value to customers.

DXP is proud to sell equipment built by Viking Pump, a century-old innovator of pump solutions. Viking recently introduced their new O-Pro Seal Pump, which was designed for chocolate processing. The new pump delivers leak-free performance, eliminating product loss and improving system efficiency.

Identifying Lateral Applications

After seeing how well the O-Pro Seal Pump worked, Mark Moore recognized its potential applications besides moving liquid chocolate.

Mark arranged for several DXPeople to learn the complete story about the new pump at DXP’s Grand Prairie training facility. Because the team already understood their customers’ needs, straight away they saw how the pump could address specific and sometimes surprising situations.

One saw an opportunity to solve problems with leaky seals at a corn syrup processing plant.

Another thought the pump could work well for a customer that manufactures asphalt.

The team left Grand Prairie with multiple new deals and conversion kits for different pump solutions. After working with customers to convert their existing pumps to the new O-Pro Seal Pump, the results are clear. The versatile pump has handled everything thrown at it—even asphalt.

The sweetest part of bringing a pump for chocolate to other industries is that its seals cost less than other options, and they are easier to install and maintain.

The DXP Team Brings Ingenuity to Your Operations

Mark’s insight into the possibilities of the O-Pro Seal Pump demonstrates the creativity and technical ingenuity of DXPeople. Because our work spans the industrial landscape, we find solutions that otherwise might slip below the radar.

To tap into the insights of DXPeople, give DXP a call today.