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Supply Chain Services SmartSource Integration

Matt Teadt, a DXP manager, has been working on-site with a Louisiana manufacturer that is an integrated supply customer for a few years now. Due to his knowledge of the location and through attending weekly production meetings, Matt noticed that the crating used to ship the customer’s final products was a constant challenge causing delivery delays and cost fluctuations.

Matt knew this was something DXP’s experts could help with! Matt researched procurement methods, went out for bid directly to specialty crating builders, and proposed a solution to the customer.

The customer was pleased with Matt’s proposal. The winning solution was made possible through a collective effort from Wade Parrish and Howie Morenz at DXP. The DXP Inventory Management & Procurement and SCS (supply chain services) implementation team were also able to solve the availability and delivery delay issues.

By leveraging customer relationships and looking for value-adds outside of normal DXP product categories and procurement expertise, DXP was able to create a large cost reduction for the customer.


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