DXPeople Mobilize Other Regions to Get the Job Done Yet Again

DXP Safety Services division had been providing CSR (Confined Space Rescue) services to underground water pipeline inspection and maintenance companies in an effort to diversify from upstream oil and gas

Last year, two DXP employees from different parts of the country came together to collaborate on a very important project.

A Job Well Done By Chris McKinnon and Steve Martinez

It was when Chris McKinnon, General Manager of Safety Services, was discussing an upcoming project near the Dallas area with a customer’s project manager, that he was asked if he could provide similar services for another project at a power plant near Chicago. The customer informed Chris that a competitor in the area had recently turned down the job, leaving them in need of a new provider. 

After discussing the opportunity with Steve Martinez, Regional VP of the North Rockies Region, the two decided that the proposed project would require 6 CSR team members for a period of up to 4 weeks. With a little bit of inter-regional collaboration and cooperation, DXP personnel was successfully mobilized from Minot, ND and Odessa, TX last October to support this exciting project. All reports from the site were extremely positive and the experience was an overall great achievement.

A Special Thanks to Our DXPeople!

This situation is a great example of the great mobility of DXP’s Safety Services and how with just a little cooperation, we can meet any customer’s needs, regardless of where they are on the map. 

Great job to our DXP experts, Chris and Steve, for mobilizing DXPeople in multiple regions to come through big for our customers!