DXP Enterprises, Inc. Named to Industrial Distribution’s 2018 Big 50 List

DXP Enterprises recently confirmed their seat on Industrial Distribution’s 2018 Big 50 List. DXP is proud to be featured among the top North American based industrial distributors.

The Big 50 are determined by their most recent full-year worldwide sales numbers generated by their North American operations. The 2017 sales stats were gathered from public annual and quarterly reports and were self-reported for privately-held enterprises.

DXP has come a long way since its founding as “Southern Engine and Pump Company” back in 1908. By the strategic acquisition of a diverse group of innovative companies, we’ve managed to stay on the leading edge of the MRO industry while providing the best solutions for the industrial customer.

Our awards speak for themselves, but to learn how DXP’s MRO distribution can help your company thrive, you’ll need to speak to a representative today.