What Are the Benefits of Modular Process Skid Packages?

If you know what a challenge it can be to manage the designing and building of a process system, then you’re probably interested in ways to simplify that type of project. Using modular process skid packages can provide a wealth of benefits.

What is Modularization?

Two types of fabrication are required when building a process system. You need to have the process systems built, and integration needs to take place at your facility. You can consider those two activities as separate components of the overall project.

Your industrial MRO supplier or modular process skid manufacturer can build the process system in modules offsite, mount the system on a frame and deliver it to your factory where utilities and piping are connected.

In this way, the construction of your plant can take place independently of the process system fabrication. Also, your MRO supplier can build the process system entirely in optimum plant conditions. Modularization represents best practices for this type of a project.

What are Modular Process Skid Packages?

A modular process skid package describes a traditional process system fitted into a skid. It’s a process contained within a frame and mounted on a skid, which turns the system into a modular piece of equipment. As a result, transporting and storing the machinery is safe and convenient. It’s also known as a “system in a box.”

What are the Benefits of Using Modular Process Skid Packages?

With today’s process skid design, you’ll receive benefits that range from saving time to saving money.

Faster Project Completion

You achieve quicker turnaround on projects because facilities preparation and process system design take place at the same time.

Faster Time to Market

Time to market is an essential metric for any company. You can eliminate weather delays by completing the process fabrication indoors. Besides, the process system has already been fully assembled and tested when the process skid reaches your facility.

Cost Savings

Cost savings come in many forms. For example:

  • It is faster to build in modules, which reduces labor and material costs.
  • It is less expensive to transport the process skid.
  • Existing operations can continue to generate revenue because building the modular process skid package is done offsite.

Higher Quality Fabrication

Fabricating the process system indoors means that there are virtually perfect conditions when completing all welding and other demanding tasks. Additionally, your MRO supplier employs skilled technicians who are well trained and available on demand.

Reduced Safety Issues

When you start with assembled and tested systems, there is less OSHA exposure for your facility staff. Not only that but since the system was fabricated in such excellent conditions, there is less risk of safety issues arising after the system is in use.

Lower Space Requirements

Equipment skid design includes layering components, thus freeing up space wherever you use the process system because the skid has a smaller footprint.


A modular skid has integrated frames to hold the process system together as one unit. As a result, it is easy to transport the system as your needs change.

Improved Security

If you have unique process technology, that information is protected since fabrication is done behind closed doors.

Less Obsolescence

A modular skid can replace part of a system that is obsolete. This results in less time spent with workarounds and provides leading-edge systems on a more frequent basis.

Should You Use Skid Systems?

In general, process systems are getting more involved as time goes on. Complicating the issue of managing the systems is obsolescence, downtime and the need for systems in remote locations. Now is the time to consider how the benefits of using process skid packages could make a difference to you and your company’s growth.