Air Trailers: The Center of a Safety Services Operation

In an emergency situation, it is vitally important for workers to be able to breathe easily at all times. Working in a dangerous situation requires full concentration, which means workers cannot afford to be distracted by concerns about their personal protective equipment or the reliability of their air supply. At the same time, the breathing equipment that workers use should not be so bulky that it prevents people from moving around easily or causes them to fatigue quickly. Air trailers are the ideal solution for this kind of situation. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of the mobile air trailers provided by DXP.

Space to Breathe

Every air trailer in DXP’s large fleet has a capacity of 2,640 square feet. This large capacity can provide breathable air for up to 27 hours for workers who are operating in IDLH atmospheres. The air supplied by a DXP air trailer meets or exceeds CGA Grade D requirements, which means it has a maximum particulate content of 5 mg per cubic meter, with low levels of carbon monoxide. Of course, CGA Grade D air also contains plenty of oxygen to meet the health and safety needs of your workers. Therefore, using a DXP air trailer is a good way of ensuring that workers have safe air to breathe throughout their shift.

Superior Mobility

All DXP air trailers are mobile, which means you can easily move them around your work site to meet the needs of your workforce. This mobility means you can always ensure your workers have access to clean, safe air, no matter where in the site they are located. Moving DXP air trailers from place to place is quick and easy, which means your workers will not have to waste time rearranging their equipment between jobs. Saving time in the workplace helps to maintain high levels of productivity, which could have a positive effect on the bottom line for your business.

Comfortable and Convenient

Heavy protective equipment and supplies can hinder tactile movement. Air trailers provide a convenient alternative to individual breathing apparatus, which can be very heavy for workers to wear for long periods of time. In this way, air trailers can help workers to avoid getting exhausted, enabling them to maintain high levels of productivity even on a long shift. Air trailers also allow workers to move more freely than when they are wearing breathing equipment, which could help them to work faster and make fewer mistakes in the workplace.

Reliable Service From DXP

As one of the top industrial supply companies, DXP Enterprises offers a wide range of services to keep workers safe and secure in the workplace. As well as bearings and power transmission, metal working tools and general industrial supplies, DXP has a large inventory of various types of breathing equipment, including SCBA and SAR equipment for both short- and long-term rental. As an established and experienced provider of breathing and other safety equipment, DXP offers equipment that you can rely on to ensure your workers have access to a continuous supply of clean and safe air.

For more information about DXP air trailers and the benefits they could have for your business, contact us today. DXP can help you find the air trailer you need to supply oxygen to your workers in a dangerous environment.