5 Modular Skid Fabrication Services You Didn’t Know About

In several process industries, the production of finished items involves transforming raw materials by subjecting them to thermal and mechanical stresses. In many instances, the processes require engineered skid-mounted process systems to efficiently achieve desired results. Consequently, plant operators must have extensive knowledge of the skid fabrication services available to them. There are a variety of fabrication services designed to enhance the efficiency of modular process skids. Let’s go over five you might not be aware of and how they work.

Process Module Integration vs. Fabrication

In several process industries, the terms integration and fabrication are often the sources of debate. In some cases, they are used interchangeably to refer to all the processes that result in the creation of complete modules.

Although they are closely related, integration and fabrication are two separate but synergistic processes. Both are required to achieve the creation of finished modules. Fabrication refers to the creation of a skid or a module (a combination of skids) from existing blueprints, while integration is the process that involves the design of a system and subsequent fabrication of the selected components into a final skid or module.   

Engineering and Design

Process engineering and design conceptualization are key skid integration services many industrial process managers are not aware of. Therefore, operators should choose vendor partners that supply fully optimized, ready-to-use, custom-built systems for their unique applications when selecting modular process skids.

Ideal skid fabrication services should integrate cutting-edge design and modeling software to pre-test desired modular process skid models before use.

Project Management

Another vital modular skid service provided by system integrators is comprehensive project management. It is not enough to simply integrate modular process skid packages in industrial manufacturing. The installed systems must be optimized for every unique production setup.

Project management teams of supervisors/managers, process engineers, and project designers provide a valuable skid fabrication service from the start of every project to its conclusion. This service permits the seamless integration of modular skids in manufacturing processes regardless of the complexity of the existing systems.  

Installation Supervision

The correct installation of modular process equipment is another crucial component. Therefore, industrial skid installation must be directed by skilled and experienced personnel familiar with the upgraded systems while also being knowledgeable on skid components being put in place.

After installation, supervised testing should be done to ensure the following:

  • Complete skid integration with pre-existing plant facilities
  • All individual parts fit and function properly under standard operating conditions

Quality Assurance

Pre-testing for modular process skids is another service critical to optimal functioning. Factory acceptance testing can be performed as a quality assurance measure to guarantee the effectiveness of a modular system under normal working conditions. This quality assurance test should be conducted after individual components have been fabricated but before they are transported to the assembly site. Quality assurance checks should be performed by fabrication personnel and witnessed by project managers/supervisors, process engineers, and other suitable third-party quality assurance inspectors.

Field Maintenance Services

Like other industrial equipment, modular process skids require proper installation and regular maintenance to prevent costly downtimes resulting from equipment failure. Field maintenance services are vital to prolonging component lifespans.

IFS offers excellent field maintenance services, including:

  • Vibration analysis and condition monitoring by ISO 9001 level 2 certified vibration analysts proficient in the use of the latest vibration technologies
  • Ludeca Rotalign laser alignment for equipment with integrated data collection, and storage for future analysis and change implementation
  • Thermal imaging for electrical components to detect hot spots which indicate faulty equipment predictive of future component failure
  • Equipment evaluations planned and conducted on a routine basis
  • The development of safe start-up and shut down procedures which can be implemented under normal operating conditions as well as emergencies
  • PSVs, ammonia leak detector calibrations, and maintenance schedules

Finding the Ideal Modular Process Skid Manufacturers and Fabricators

Choosing the right modular process skid integrator and fabricator is a very important decision that will ultimately affect future operations. The final choice must be a company that can deliver timely solutions, services, and components seamlessly into existing process equipment.

At IFS, we offer complete process and pumping system integration. In addition, we constantly strive to provide our clients with the very best custom solutions for their unique manufacturing needs, including modular process skids that are FAT-approved to optimize your business model.

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