DXP will help you transform what is no longer manageable, readable or too time consuming in your supply chain and present you with SMART, informed solutions to help increase your bottom line. With over 100 years in the industry and more than 60 years experience in assisting customers in the achievement of their supply chain goals, we continue to redefine the language and solutions that our competitors will someday be using…


DXP’s single mission is to help our customers become more competitive. This is achieved by reducing indirect material cost, order cycle time, increasing productivity, creating enterprise-wide inventory, procurement visibility, and control. DXP has developed assessment tools and master plan templates that streamline operations, boost productivity, and remove excess cost from supply chain processes. Examples of the application of this proven process include:

  • Reducing pure costs of indirect materials
  • Creating enterprise-wide inventory and procurement
  • Data mining to assist purchasing decisions
  • Trend identification and troubleshooting for plant operations

DXP Supply Chain Services owns a solid foundation in distribution and fulfillment systems, procurement outsourcing, and the technology required to integrate both seamlessly. Our multi-faceted approach allows us to use maximum efficiency and optimal control to manage the entire supply channel. DXP is the only company in the industry with the proven ability to translate these core competencies into the lowest-cost, best-service solution for our customer.


  • Corporate single point of contact
  • Designated local support
  • Technical support & training
  • Supplier consolidation
  • Consistent pricing across all plants
  • Efficient order-to-pay process
  • Performance tracking
  • Product standardization
  • OEM commercialization
  • Management reporting