Kris Weiss and Team Develop Energy and Cost Saving Skid for Customer

Kris Weiss, a sales professional based out of the Allentown, PA Service Center, worked with a local pet food manufacturer that needed a new pump system. Their needs were specific – a system that could regulate and supply water through their plant at a consistent pressure despite water usage being varied at different times throughout the day.

Once Kris was able to determine their needs, he suggested a two pump system that could control their water demand and resulted in energy savings for the customer as well! This pump system is critical to their entire production process, so Kris and the team created the skid with an inline spare pump to avoid a shutdown condition.

Kris worked with the customer from the start of the process through design, specs, controls, materials, fabrication, startup, service and support. The result is a turnkey system built entirely in-house!

Way to go Kris on providing excellent customer service throughout the entire process of pump manufacturing!

DXP Custom Skid