DXPeople – Ricky Story Offers Above and Beyond Pump Training

Ricky Story, Onsite Service Tech at BASF, a Chemical company in Huntsville, Alabama, recently received a glowing review from his plant. Ricky has been at BASF Huntsville for over fifteen years. They praised his participation in their Transfer Training Course, where Ricky has volunteered to teach the pumps portion in the course.

The class of 4-10 employees spends about 30 minutes in Ricky’s workshop where he covers how pumps work, how they are assembled, how to properly remove and install them in-line, common issues/troubleshooting for and how to maximize their life with the right industrial pump maintenance.

He uses photos he’s collected throughout the years of several issues that he discusses so employees can see their impact on pumps. His portion of the training day is consistently commented on as one of the highlights of the day. Everyone comments on how their favorite part of his presentation is his showcase of all the items that have been pulled out of pumps, so operators learn to be extra careful when dealing with tanks.

Way to go Ricky for going above and beyond with DXP pump solutions and knocking training out of the park time and time again!