Kevin Davis Comes Through for Pump Customer

How DXPeople Perform

Kevin Davis, a Houston area sales professional, happened to overhear how a potential customer had a need for a barrel pump. Kevin quickly identified that our PumpWorks PWB BB5 Barrel Pump could meet the customer need.

1. Immediate Communication

Kevin’s background on selling this pump was very limited, but he knew he had to act fast. Despite numerous previous meetings with this customer, Kevin scheduled another and included Trey Maxwell, Vice President – Manufacturing at DXP.

2. Professional Pitch

Kevin and Trey gave the customer all the information they could in the little time they had. They discussed casting, location, delivery schedule, the pump foundry at PumpWorks, and testing. The company was in disbelief that we could ship and manufacture pumps in 40 weeks and loved that our foundry and pump testing facility was within driving distance!

3. Land the Sale

It didn’t take much more convincing before they jumped on board and decided to purchase a bb5 barrel pump. We were able to deliver the pump in 44 weeks and the customer couldn’t have been happier.

DXPeople Think Fast and Execute!

Kevin’s quick thinking to set up another meeting is what lead to the purchase of this pump, and his consistent and professional manner is what provided the opportunity to sell this pump. Way to go Kevin!