5 Ways DXP Is Tackling the Industry’s ESG Goals

In recent years, environmental, social, and governance investing, or “ESG,” has become a key concern for companies, investors, and the industrial sector as a whole. As industrial distribution experts, DXP Enterprises has implemented its own ESG strategy.

While it is multifaceted, one of our key goals involves helping our clients and the industry itself tackle their own ESG initiatives. We are fulfilling this mission by implementing several ESG-oriented solutions for our clients.

Whether your organization is still establishing its own ESG strategy or has already created a comprehensive environmental, social, and governance framework, DXP Enterprises can help you further your corporate sustainability efforts.

What Is ESG & How Is It Making a Difference?

Broadly speaking, the term “ESG” refers to a set of criteria that was established in partnership with a group of socially-conscious investors. These investors created ESG initiatives to analyze potential investments and assess what sort of impact companies were making on the world around them.

Since the concept of ESG was conceived, companies have begun to internally adopt their own initiatives to help them hold their businesses accountable while also allowing them to demonstrate how their brand is positively influencing society.

ESG initiatives can be valuable tools as businesses conduct internal audits. In addition, these goals can serve as an evaluation threshold, encouraging organizations to reduce their environmental impact and incentivizing organizational leaders to optimize their hiring protocols to promote equity.

Adopting and meeting ESG goals also makes organizations more appealing to prospective investors.

DXP’s Environmental Solutions for ESG

DXP Enterprises helps our clients meet or exceed their ESG goals via several services. Our solutions focus primarily on the “E” component of ESG, geared toward reducing our clients’ (and our own) environmental footprint. These solutions address the following operational areas.

esg goals

1.     Recycling and Reuse

DXP Enterprises Supply Chain Services division provides on-site recycling services to our clients. Additionally, our experts can assist clients with implementing their own recycling and reuse initiatives like lube oil repurposing and on-site waste control or disposal. DXP’s reuse initiatives are led by our PumpWorks Remanufacturing division, which rebuilds used and new surplus pumps to as-new conditions.

2.     Renewable Energy

DXP Enterprises also helps our clients explore renewable resources that can then be used to fuel industrial operations. We specialize in equipment for renewable energy solutions like biofuels (bioethanol, biogas, and biodiesel) as well as geothermal plants.

Our consultants can access the needs of clients and identify which alternatives may be a good fit for their organizations.

3.     Water

DXP Water specializes in wastewater treatment and general water management as key areas of concern. That is why we work hand-in-hand with our clients to help them optimize their treatment plant processes and operations, save time and increase productivity. DXP also supports the implementation of water reuse protocols and efforts to minimize their impact on nearby waterways.

4.     Energy Efficiency

Making industrial facilities more energy efficient is an integral component of any ESG initiative. DXP Enterprises assists our clients in their pursuit of this by selecting and supplying leading-edge automation and equipment solutions that reduce energy consumption for new and existing installations.

A few examples include energy-efficient motors, automation technologies, remote monitoring equipment, and variable frequency drives. We also offer air consumption and lighting audits.

5.     Emission Reduction

Our dynamic emission reduction services empower our clients to make meaningful progress toward their ESG goals. We help clients with their CCUS projects by selecting the proper CO2 pumping and measurement equipment.  DXP also supplies NOx pollution control technology, leakage-free mechanical seal systems, vapor recovery units (VRUs), and electric driven replacement for gas-assisted pumps.

DXP Is Tackling ESG for the Future

If your organization is committed to achieving its environmental, social, and governance initiatives, it needs the right industrial distribution partner. DXP Enterprises can provide your organization with tailored ESG consulting services and work with your staff to identify your organization’s greatest areas of need.

Want to learn how to reduce your company’s carbon footprint? To start your journey to superior ESG adherence, connect with DXP Enterprises. We can schedule a consultation with one of our experienced team members and provide more information about our suite of products and services. We look forward to helping you shatter your ESG goals.

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